Social Media

With more than 30 years experience we can say it is not an exact science, and some would say it is open to interpretation!  However in today’s fast moving business environment, the absolute explosion of new technology, has brought with it the ability to assess the impact on a company’s services, products and image, in a way not even envisaged ten years ago.

Welcome to the world of social media marketing, and what is now a consumer driven society.  Whatever the size or activity of a business, there are sound reasons for embracing these latest methods of communicating.  How?  Listed below are a number of key indicators that can easily be employed to help monitor your company’s PR activity.

  • Is your company featured in digital versions of mainstream national newspapers and magazines
  • Are you asked to guest Blog on a major website
  • How much editorial coverage does your company receive
  • Is your company featured in relevant features within leading magazines for your industry
  • How many product reviews (if relevant) does your company receive
  • What case studies have you had published
  • The amount of activity on your company’s Facebook page (increasing number of page ‘likes’)
  • Twitter activity – how many people are following you
  • The number of business contacts you develop via LinkedIn (and/or similar)
  • Engagement in relevant discussion groups
  • Are you reaching your target audience
  • An increase in traffic to website/number of hits
  • An increase in sales
  • An increase in enquiries
  • Has your company been entered for any awards
  • What are your company’s SEO rankings

Essential to the success of any PR campaign or project (however large or small) is, defining at the outset what the client’s primary objectives and expectations are, establishing what the budget is, and then building and maintaining excellent communication between agency and client, plus and most importantly, regularly monitoring and assessing progress throughout the campaign.

Jeannie Rennie