How To Create A Media Kit

September 16th, 2014


A Media Kit (also often referred to as a ‘press pack’) is a collection of written information designed to introduce a company and its products/services to the media.  It can be presented in a hardcopy or digital format (on a USB) and should typically comprise;

  • A short summary about the business, when it started, what it does, and where it is based.  Don’t forget to include, a postal address, telephone numbers, email addresses and website details.
  • The name of your press officer/PR agency including their contact details.
  • A biography of the business owner, managing director, or key personnel.  This can include relevant information such as a summary of their career to date, the reasons they started/joined the company.
  • A press release – this is pertinent if launching new products or services.
  • A copy of your brochure/literature if you have one (if producing digital press packs you can include a PDF version of any literature you may have)
  • Photography – This needs to be in a JPEG format at a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) the file size should be no less than 1Mb.  For product photography recommends both cutout (on a plain white background) and lifestyle/insitu shots.  For personnel, a mixture of head and shoulder and longer shots should suffice.  Other photography to consider may include external images of your business premises, internal images if you own a shop or restaurant, or the workforce on a production line.

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